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Experience the joy of aerobatic contest flying!

What could be better than hanging out with some of the coolest people and airplanes in the world?  Imagine the ultimate hangar flying party.  Setting around with old and new friends sharing your experiences and listening to theirs. Watching people have a great time challenging themselves to fly the best they can under what ever Mother Nature throws at them.  This is what contests are about.


The only real competition is you against yourself.  It is a mental game of flying the best you can and becoming the best pilot you can be. Maybe you can walk away with a trophy but you certainly will walk away with great memories.


I can train you and get you ready for your first contest.  You can fly in my airplane with me acting as safety pilot.  It is a wonderful way to get into this great sport.


The two levels of competition that I can train you for and you can fly in the Super Decathlon are Primary and Sportsman.  The next levels are Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited. 


Below you can see the sequences and descriptions of the levels.


Primary Category
This category is the same every year and consists of a 45 degree up line, a one turn spin, a half cuban 8, a loop, a 180 degree competition turn, and a slow roll.
Some people start their leap into the contest world in this catagory. Others start in Sportsman.

Video of Primary Sequence - youtube

Primary 2015

Sportsman Category
This category has two elements.  A known sequence and a free sequence.  The known is published around January and is flown by everyone at every contest for the entire year.  If you want, you can make up a free program for your second flight however the rules allow you to fly the known again for your free if you wish.  Most sportsman pilots fly the known in place of making up their own free.

Sportsman 2015




In this category you start getting into snap rolls, sustained inverted flight, and some pushes.  In addition to the Know, and Free sequence (you have to fly a free in Intermediate), you also have to fly an Unknown Sequence which is given to you the day before and you can not practice it.  It is like sight reading music. 

Intermediate 2015


This category gets into more advanced snap rolls (3/4, , 1 1/2), there is more inverted flight and negative Gs, as well as inverted spins.  As with Intermediate, you fly three sequences.  The Known, Free, and Unknown.

Advanced 2015

Unlimited hurts to think of.  Just look at the sequence!!!

Unlimited 2015

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