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Aerobatic Training

Aerobatic Training
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I like to talk to people, find out their goals, and work up a plan from that.   I have developed two courses that work great for most people. These are just guidelines and we will work together to find what best fits your needs. Spin flights and aerobatic introductory flights are available as well.

Three Hour Upset Training

This course is designed with emphasis on getting the aircraft out of extreme unusual attitudes.  It covers rolls and loops to get the body use to the sensations associated with this type of flight.   Then we concentrate on 1/2 rolls from inverted back to level.  We use cuban 8's to demonstrate how to get from inverted to upright flight with varying airspeeds and attitudes.

Next we do spins.  I like to emphasize the actions it takes to get an aircraft into a spin.  I teach prevention through use of rudders and it is this prevention that is of the most importance.  If we can recognize and stop the onset of the spin then we are safe.

After completing this course, you will feel more confident and have a better understanding of how aircraft fly and stall.

Flight Lesson 1 
Stalls, slow flight, introduction to loops and rolls

Flight Lesson 2 
Rolls, loops, Half cuban 8s, inverted stalls

Ground Lesson 
Stalls, spins, and recovery

Flight Lesson 3 
Falling leaf, Spins, Cross control stalls, Slipping and Skidding stalls.

Five hour Basic Aerobatics Training

This course is designed to cover recreational aerobatics with competition standards in mind.  The goal is to give the pilot a good aerobatic foundation to build on if they choose to go farther.  It also builds confidence that carries over into all aspects of your flying.   We are not looking for perfection in this five hours.  I just want you to feel safe and have a good understanding of what the standards are for flying these maneuvers in a competition setting.

Flight Lesson 1 
Aileron rolls, Primary rolls, and Loops

Flight Lesson 2 
Slow rolls, Rolls to inverted, Inverted flight, loops

Flight Lesson 3 
Cuban 8's, Half loop to inverted,  Inverted stalls, Immelmann

Ground Lesson

Stalls, spins, and recovery

Flight Lesson 4 
Spins,  Cross control stalls, Slipping and skidding stalls

Flight Lesson 5 
Immelmann, Hammerhead turn,  Split s

CFI Spin Endorsements

Don’t just spin an aircraft once left and once right and call it an endorsement.  There is much more to the spin and how it develops.  This spin flight will give you a much better understanding of what makes an aircraft spin and what it takes to make it recover.  In this flight we will cover, the falling leaf, incipient spins and fully developed spins, stalls while slipping and stalls while skidding.  We will debunk the myth that it is a cross control stall that causes a spin and really get to the truth.


This is a great confidence builder for any pilot as it will turn the spin from the big scary monster under the bed into something that is understood and embraced.

Aerobatic Discovery

Try your hand at some loops and rolls.  I’ll take you through an entire basic air show routine one maneuver at a time.  See how you like it.


Competition Training

Train to fly in your first aerobatic contest.  You can fly Primary or Sportsman level of competition in my plane.


Flying Lemur Inc. * Potomac Airfield * 10300 Glen Way * Fort Washington, MD * 20744 * 703-623-9445

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