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Adam Cope

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Life is great upside down!!!!!! 


My name is Adam Cope. I am a commercial pilot  ASEL, AMEL, I. Certified Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor.  But most of all, I love flying and teaching aerobatics.

Total time                            3000+
Time as instructor                2300+
Aerobatic instruction time   2000+ 

I started flying in 1989 and flight instructing in 1993.   Flying straight and level all the time got a little boring, so I took some aerobatic lessons.   It didn't take long before addiction set in.  Since then I've logged more hours upside down then upright.

I've been very fortunate to be able to log dual with some of the best aerobatic pilots around.  I've flown many aerobatic aircraft including the Su-29, extra 300 and 200, Pitts s2a s2b and s2c, cap 10b, T-6.   I wish I could afford them all.

Through competitions and air shows, I've been able to meet some of the most incredible people in the world.   There really is a great group of people in the aerobatic community. There is always room for more.

I'm a firm believer in aerobatic training for every pilot.  It gives people a better understanding of how aircraft fly and perform.  It builds confidence like no other training can.  Most of all, it’s just plain fun.

I strive to put fun in aviation.  I want everyone who comes through my hangar to smile.  After all, what could be better than flying?  (Other than flying upside down)

Contest Results:

I have placed in the top three in numerous aerobatic contests since 1995.


Here are the latest:

2007 North East Regional Championship Series – First place

2008 Carolina Boogie – Third place Sportsman

2008 PA Aerobatic Championships – First place Intermediate

2008 Wildwood Acroblast – Second place Intermediate

2009 Carolina Boogie - Second place Intermediate

2009 Wildwood Acroblast - First place Intermediate

2009 North East Regional Championship Series - Third Place

2010 Carolina Boogie - First Place Intermediate

2010 Wildwood Acroblast – Second place Intermediate

2010 Flying W - Kathy Jaffe Challenge - Second Place Advanced

2011 North East Regional Champ. Series - Second Place Advanced

2011 Wildwood acro blast - Advanced 2nd place

2011 East Coast Aerobatic Contest - 2nd Advanced

I can teach you how to beat all those high power aerobatic monsters in the Super Decathlon.

2008 PA Aerobatic Championships
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Adam Cope
Adam Cope
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Flying Lemur Inc. * Potomac Airfield * 10300 Glen Way * Fort Washington, MD * 20744 * 703-623-9445

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