Super Decathlon

1978 Bellanca Super Decathlon
Powered by a 180 hp Lycoming AEIO-360
Full inverted oil and fuel
Empty weight: 1300 lbs
Gross weight: 1800 lbs
Usable fuel: 40 gallons
Fuel burn: 10 gph at 75% power
Load: +6g -5g

The best aerobatic trainer around.  Powered by a 180hp AEIO-360, this aircraft is stressed to 6 Gs positive and 5 Gs negative.  It is capable of 4 minutes of  sustained inverted flight.  The symmetrical wing makes inverted maneuvers a dream as you're held firmly in place with a 5 point hooker harness system

Entry speed
140 mph
145 mph
Hammer head
145 mph
Snap roll normal or inverted
90 mph
English bunt
60 mph
Vertical 1/2 roll up
160 mph
Vertical slow roll up
180 mph
Vertical slow roll down
60 mph
Slow roll
130 mph
Outside loop from top 
60-70 mph
Horizontal 8 inside outside
140 mph
Normal spins 
Slow deceleration
Inverted spin
Slow deceleration
Split S
70 mph